The world is changing at a crazy pace and people are not well equipped to deal with it. Many are left floundering, distracted and confused. In today´s frantic-paced world high energy levels and emotional resilience are key to success.

Life Coaching is a perfect solution to help people get direction and deal with challenges, uncertainties and stresses.

There’s a reason that life coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world: it really works for people. Few people can honestly say that they are already performing at their best each and every day. A Life Coach can help you optimize your life step by step. Life Coaching is a really viable, lucrative career option.

We, at LCI, pride ourselves on being achievement specialists, and training our delegates to be successful professional coaches operating at a ‘level-up’ from their competitors so that they can confidently open their practices knowing they will succeed from their first client onwards.

Many coaches finish training but don't feel ready to coach clients. This pattern can kill years of your life! Our course prevents you from being in that 'Stuck Space' and boosts you up to the level of a professional coach in a short space of time, teaching you how to start your business immediately.

LCI is an Internationally Accredited Life Coach Training Provider with representation in: South Africa, France, Australia, London, Kenya

We truly have limitless potential...

"To figure out what you want to do with your life, you could:
A) - Study hard in school, get an internship in the field that interests you, work diligently and learn as much as possible at your first real job. OR
B) - Hire a life coach."

What is a Life Coach?

    A life coach is a trained professional who helps clients:
  • Reach their dreams
  • Find their purpose
  • Get focussed
  • Become emotionally resilient
  • Maximise their potential
  • Achieve what needs to quickly and to the best of their ability

What makes our course different from others?

LCI will prepare you, like we have many others, for Life / Transformational Coaching with knowledge, techniques, tools and skills that will catapult your career. Our delegates enjoy a professional status that puts them in the ‘inner circle’ of Life / Transformational coaches.

Our unique content, personal training and ongoing support differentiates ours from other courses.

You have in your hands the opportunity to learn a POWERFUL BRAND of Advanced Life/ Transformational Coaching.

Why choose us?

Every once in a while you come across something that can transform your life and as a coach help you do the same for others. THIS IS ONE SUCH TIME! Grab the opportunity and become a leading achievement specialist with the LCI Life Coach Course.

The secret of the world's most successful coaches is a powerful selection of strategies and techniques they have at their disposal to create QUICK AND LASTING CHANGE in a client's life and this course is TURBOCHARGED with tools to create those changes. Use this course to guide others but also as a vehicle for your own transformation.

You are in safe hands. Our team has facilitated to a host of individual and corporate clients locally and internationally and holds relevant credentials in this field.

Unlike many other institutions, at LCI we do not offer a big variety of courses.

In fact we offer ONLY the Life Coach Course.

This is because we are committed to training and qualifying Internationally Accredited Life Coaches. Our focussed approach ensures that you get an excellent quality of education, individual attention and ongoing support from our team.

Our success is based on you being a successful Life Coach!